Rare Drop Broman Podcast #127

Professor Broman and many of the folks at Rare Drop are some of OSD’s earliest supporters. Broman helped lead the way over 6 years ago with a Destiny Themed tee shirt that arguably started the charity tee shirt frenzy we see today in the gaming space. Last month, Broman invited OSD/76ops CEO Glenn Banton to take a trip down memory lane and discuss future plans. Turns out Broman and Banton have some much deeper bonds and the episode transitions into a discussion about overcoming hardships and life balance. Check out the live recorded podcast here and enjoy more of the Rare Drop content here.

2. EAT

Cuvee Coffee Snickerdoodle Cookies

One the growing benefits from the 76 Operators community is the diversity in the types of interests and content productions. Stream Team member DevilDogBaker continues to make the kitchen his personal laboratory and this concoction would win at any state fair! We know because DDB can’t help himself when it comes to sharing and these treats stay fresh when lovingly shipped in a vacuum sealed package.

Here’s DevilDogBaker’s combo recipe for Cuvee Coffee Snickerdoodle Cookies:
 1) Acquire Coffee: Use code ’76OPS’ at CuveeCoffee.com for 15% off your order.
2) Coffee Butter Recipe from Tasting Table.
3) Snickerdoodle Recipe from The Tummy Train sub Coffee Butter for Regular Butter.
4) Enjoy.
5) Repeat.
While you’re at it, give DevilDogBaker a follow on this Twitch Channel and check out who’s live on the Stream Team here.


Door Kickers Action Squad (Xbox)

The brains behind the Door Kickers franchise is long time supporter and Games to Grunts partner Killhouse Games. They’ve generously provided some goodies for our 10 Year Anniversary celebration in the form of Door Kickers Action Squad on Xbox. 

Use code XD44G-WJ6D9-3DWG9-G6RF4-VFMFZ to add this fun old-school side scroller to your game library. Simply turn on your Xbox, visit the store and select ‘redeem code’ or visit this link to login and redeem.

For our current Games to Grunts members, we expect to have Steam (PC) keys Door Kickers 1, Action Squad and a limited number of Door Kickers 2 available in the next week.

Note: This is a multiple use code with a capped usage of 2,000 redemptions. You may share with friends/family, but please do not share or post publicly. If you attempt to use the code and it’s showing invalid, that means all available keys have been allocated.


OSD 2021 Great NonProfit Award

Not only has OSD earned this distinction for the 6th consecutive year, OSD is one of the first nonprofits to earn the Top-Rated Award in 2021. Through numerous reviews, the community has shared their inspiring stories about OSD’s work. OSD will be featured on the GNP site, their 2021 Top-Rated List, and distributed to media and corporate foundations.

In recognition of OSD’s 10 year anniversary celebration and over 2.5 million veterans served, we have a huge goal to compile over 3,000 Five-Star reviews before the close of 2021. If you support OSD, Operation Supply Drop, Games to Grunts, 76 Operators or have received services from these communities, please leave a Five-Star review here. These reviews help attract corporate and brand partnerships that enable program growth to meet rapidly increasing demand.



While GUNNAR recently became the Official Gaming Glasses of 76 Operators, they’ve been a dedicated supporter of OSD and the veteran community for the better part of a decade.

Use code ’76OPS’ at checkout for 10% off your order AND GUNNAR will donate 15% of your purchase to OSD.

Our favorite style is the aptly named Pendleton with slate frames which can also available with prescription lenses. GUNNAR also recently launched a line of youth frames which are already being enjoyed by kids in many 76 Operators member families.

6. WIN

Super Inefficient Golf & More!

While you’ve probably bookmarked our Community Giveaways and keep a close eye on the socials, many folks are missing out on the weekly giveaways on the Official 76 Operators Discord. Right now there are contests for steam (PC) games including Super Inefficient and Overlord: Ultimate Evil Collection along with more than a dozen other titles.

Make sure that soon after joining the 76 Operators Discord you visit the #faq channel and the #self-roles channels to improve your experience in the community. Often certain roles are required to be eligible for contest information you can find in the #faq. If you get lost, just ask for help in #general-chat.
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